Thank you for visiting Functionality Ingenuity Beauty FIB Home Staging & Interior Design.  My name is Siela Lomboy, an Accredited Home Staging & Design professional at FIB Home Staging & Interior Design.  I took the leap of faith to finally take the necessary steps to dedicate my time and efforts in making my dreams and passion into reality and officially founded this business in January 2016.  I have deep-rooted passion in home design since my family in the Philippines owns and operates customized furniture, interior design, & remodeling business for more than 30 years. My love for home design began when I first witnessed how well my grandfather hand-carved a beautiful wooden sofa and delivered it to the client in which my mother helped arranged the room. I was only 10 then but I knew how that wooden sofa & how my mother's arrangement of the house made the client and her family feel, It made them very happy. The children already jumping with joy and their mom so elated. Since then, I have grown to appreciate what they did despite the callouses I saw in my grandfather's carpenter hands and the late-night coming home of my parents to help in our family business. It was my grandfather's joy in building wooden furniture & my mother's love of decorating that taught me the benefits of true hard work and going above and beyond for people whenever we can. Now that I'm blessed with a family of my own, they've inspired me to build a business that is integrated with honesty, love, and passion by creating functional, ingenious, & beautiful space for friends and family to truly enjoy and showcase homes to its true potential and what it brings to people who live and share in it. 

We're grateful that you are taking the time to stop by our site & read about the benefits of redesigning and home staging with us. This investment will make a difference in the feel & look of your home. If you're selling, we'll help give that added value in price and turnaround of your sale by ensuring your home aesthetics has reached the emotional connection it needs, to as much buyers as possible, making your home one step closer to finding its new homeowner. 

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About the Process

Our design is classic, fresh and inspiring. The houses that we stage look spectacular, yet inviting, allowing potential home buyers to easily make an emotional connection with the home. We take the time to always enhance the little design elements that makes our home even more engaging for prospective buyers.

At FIB Home Staging, we work hard to be fresh and relevant, yet professional and personable. We treat all of our clients with dignity and respect. We seek to make our services and processes sustainable, earth-conscious, & cost effective.

We will make each home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby helping homeowners sell their property more swiftly and for more money. We will identify each home within its market niche and focus on what buyers will actually be looking for. We will design each home to meet the buyer’s needs, and will add our own personal touch and flair that will make our design services the most sought-after in the area. We will try to work with sustainable and local vendors whenever possible

At FIB Home Staging & Interior Design, you can be assured of:

  • Honest consultations

  • Straightforward pricing and quotes

  • Fresh, attractive design

  • Skill, talent, and a constant striving for perfection

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