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Perhaps, the right choice for you.


E-design is exactly what it sounds like.. interior design services offered online. With this service, we are able to offer a simple, affordable alternative to a full-service interior design. E-design is perfect for clients who want design direction and designer expertise, but don’t mind doing a little legwork to prepare, manage, and implement the project themselves. If you like to DIY (do-it-yourself), then this is definitely the design service for you.

And, the process is simple. We gather information from you to learn what you envision for your space, and then we create a beautiful and functional custom design plan for you that serves as a do-it-yourself guide to create the space yourself. With e-design, you can tackle the design of your home one space at a time, at your own pace, and as your budget allows!

Our e-design plans include all the tools you’ll need to create a well-designed space that fits you and your unique style. Check out the information below to learn more.

E-Design is a good option & a great opportunity to create a custom room without retaining for full-service Interior Design.





To start, we request that you complete our client questionnaire online to gather information about your project requirements, your design goals and what you envision for your space.


While completing the questionnaire, you will have the option to attach inspirational photos you have that would help us dive into your specific design aesthetics and curate a space that works for your style. You can also attach measurement of your space/s and any furniture you wish to keep, if applicable. No worries if you don't have these photos yet, you can choose to send them at a later time. 

Once we have the measurements and photos of your space for us to utilize during the design, we'll take care of the rest. If needed, we may also gather additional information and all communication will be done online.



Next, we create space plans, design and color concepts, as well as furniture and finish selections, that fit the functional and aesthetic needs of your space.




Lastly, we organize all our design ideas, tools, and tips into a comprehensive e-design plan that will serve as a do-it-yourself guide to implementing the design yourself!


The details you want to know.


All e-design packages include a complete e-design plan with the design tools (per the package listings above), a personal note from our designer, and a to-do list with designer tips to help you get started implementing the design!



All e-design services, and correspondence for your project, will be conducted entirely online from the comfort of your own home. This means no need to schedule in-person appointments, showroom visits, etc.


All furnishings, decor, etc. included in our e-design plans are readily available to you at affordable, national retailers open to the public, making it really simple for you to implement the e-design plan yourself!


With the streamlined e-design process, once we start the design of your project, you'll have a complete e-design plan within a couple of weeks. And, we also provide two weeks of complementary email support as you get started!

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