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FIB Home Staging & Interior Design works with Realtors, Builders, Investors, and Homeowners to help prepare vacant and occupied properties to sell for more money and less time. We firmly believe that the design elements and aesthetics of a home or any space can truly make an extraordinary difference in people's lives and buyer's overall experience in making your house a "Must Have" home for them. With our trained eye for design, constantly improving our client experience & efficiency, and years of experience, we are able to give you favorable results to help make your home the "hottest home" in this already hot market. Helping you sell your home faster and receive offers significantly higher than unstaged homes!


We are FIB Home Staging & Interior Design, and we are here to help you make more money by transforming your home through staging & creating a deeper level of an emotional connection for you and or your potential home buyers. We also help create a place you love by redesigning your space! Your home is never more valuable, let us help you make sure it looks its best!

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