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To our FIB Home Staging & Interior Design family,

We've been thinking a lot about you lately - our clients, our team (which is our family), and our greater communities. As everyone tries to deal with the ever-changing landscape and uncertainties that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has forced upon us and due to the unprecedented public health emergency posed by the virus, we have implemented a number of measures to meet and exceed the highest standards of safety and hygiene to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus in line with the updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Your health is our primary focus and is at the heart of every decision we make. As the Coronavirus situation unfolds, we want to let you know that FIB Home Staging & Interior Design is committed not only in helping you sell your properties and to getting you higher offers and a faster sale; but also in proactively taking part in ensuring we help our community minimize the spread of COVID-19 or help “flatten the curve” and to putting our clients first and the well-being of our team members, homeowners, and our community. With that as our guide, and as we ease into gradually opening up to serve your needs we wanted to give you an update on several changes on how we currently conduct business and how we’re pivoting and staying on top of it as we continue to serve your design and staging needs.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on our procedures & services to further improve our approach in serving you in this very challenging time that affects us all.


  • To protect the health of our clients, agents, and communities, while still addressing the importance of helping those whose properties or homes are still on the market and ease the burden of these unprecedented time, we’ve transitioned to offering Virtual or Video Consultation in Staging your Home for Success with our Enhanced Client Care Package for homes that are occupied.

  • We are now accepting Vacant Home Staging inquiries and emphasize that no-contact between the team and the agent or seller should take place both during property preview home staging assessment/estimate with lockbox readily accessible and during home staging install and removal days. We strongly believe that once we all do our part as a community, this will tremendously help make an impact not just on the spread of the virus but to help our front liners as well. We not only take these measures seriously but we take great precautions in ensuring the safety of our clients, team members which are our family, & our community. 

  • Knowing that our homes have become more important than ever, turning as a sanctuary for all our families and those that we care about in these challenging times, we are also polishing our E-Design and Virtual Consultation for design services for a more enhanced and intuitive experience for our clients working from home and needing some inspiration & guidance for their workspace as the need to virtually letting people into your homes has become a norm and more essential than ever for businesses to thrive. ​

  • Understanding that these are unique and hard times for everyone, we'd like to check in on how you and your loved ones are doing and extend our Free Home Staging Discovery Call that our homeowners & Agents can set up online so we can provide some preliminary staging advice and make a plan as to next steps for you to get top dollar for your home. 

Here are some of the extra measures and important message we’ve introduced to promote transparency, health, and safety:

  • Now that we've resumed back to in-home staging and installations, we will be requiring our team members to wear latex gloves, plastic shoe covers, and wipe down with disinfectant: any doorknobs, light switches, lockbox, and any surfaces we touch in the homes while still practicing social distancing by remaining 6 feet away from one another even after the Stay-at-home order will be lifted. 

  • We've added extra measures and increased frequency for disinfecting surfaces and deep cleaning our inventory, office space, & storage space. 

  • In the event that Governor Newsom or the local health authority orders businesses and directs all real estate, including real estate transaction pertaining to the closing of homes, moving services (de-staging or removal of inventory) to cease, and the home is still on the market and have yet to close, we would be glad to consider providing complimentary or a no-charge rental extension to our existing vacant staging clients going through these difficult times in selling their homes during the stay-at-home order.

  • As the changing situation unfolds, it is important more than ever that we ask our existing vacant staging clients to please notify us of any pertaining information regarding closing and to please inform us at least a week prior to closing so we can take the necessary safety and logistical measures to ensure we abide with any existing order at the time and all is taken care of in removing staging inventories prior to the new homeowners moving into their new home. Your timely update, flexibility, and patience as we navigate through this challenging time are greatly appreciated.

  • To help with the anxiety that many of us are feeling, your family here in FIB Home Staging & Interior Design has found a list of local and national resources, including information about:

✔ Unemployment benefits

✔ Healthcare coverage

✔ Resources for Businesses In Need

✔ Resources for Families In Need

We also received this helpful list which includes:

✔ Short term financial relief

✔ Ways to support local service industry workers

✔ Food assistance programs & locations

✔ Utility bill payment determent

✔ Mental wellness resources

Homeschooling resources


    …and for more information, we have designated a page specific to helping you get the help and resources you need. Learn more here. 


Our hope is that you and the others can use this list to help you take care, get support, and find the calm you and your loved ones deserve.


  • If you're anything like our family and most Americans that have an overwhelming urge to help despite the hardships we all go through at this time, here's a helpful link on Ways you can help and trust us that there are a lot of ways to help and you'd be surprised that it doesn't even have to cost you a dime. 


We are committed to continuing to help in any way we can and follow updates and protocols recommended by the CDC, local Departments of Public Health, and World Health Organization to help slow the spread of the virus. 

We extend our sincere thanks for your ongoing support and loyal dedication during this challenging time. Please know that we are with you praying for everyone to rise amidst this crisis and for all of us to come out stronger as we all go through this challenging time. As always, we’re grateful for the privilege of doing business with you. Rest assured, we’re doing everything in our power to continue to serve you while staying at home and is continually monitoring the situation in real-time as conditions evolve.


Please be kind to another, be safe, stay healthy and know that we will all get through this... together.




All the very best,


Siela Lomboy, Owner of FIB Home Staging & Interior Design

Together at the Top


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