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As you manage to stay at home, take care of your family and try to juggle work during this crisis, we know that getting the right resources may play a key role in helping get a sense of relief and clarity. If you're feeling anxious about the spread of the Coronavirus - and the uncertainty that comes with it - you are not alone. We have been affected one way or the other. This is definitely a confusing and overwhelming time for many of us. 


To help with the anxiety that many of us are feeling, your family here in FIB Home Staging & Interior Design has started compiling a list of local and national resources. We also designated an entire page on our site as a guide for valuable resources that we hope will help you, your business, our community, and those you care about get a little stability and order in this very stressful time. Here is the list of local and national including information about:

✔ Unemployment benefits

✔ Healthcare coverage

✔ Resources for Businesses In Need

✔ Resources for Families In Need

We also received this helpful list which includes:

✔ Short term financial relief

✔ Ways to support local service industry workers

✔ Food assistance programs & locations

✔ Utility bill payment determent

✔ Mental wellness resources

Homeschooling resources


We'll be updating this information regularly as we all move through this time together.


Our hope is that you and the others can use this list to help you take care, get support, and find the calm you and your loved ones deserve.

Finally, If you're anything like our family and most Americans that have an overwhelming urge to help despite the hardships we all go through at this time, here's a helpful link on Ways you can help and trust us that there are a lot of ways to help and you'd be surprised that it doesn't even have to cost you a dime. 


We are committed to continuing to help in any way we can, whenever possible and thank you for your support as we work together during this time. 


As always, please be kind to another, be safe, stay healthy and know that we will all get through this... together.




All the very best,


FIB Home Staging & Interior Design Family

Together at the Top


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